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EcoVag® is an OTC drug for: 

The prevention and treatment of vaginal itching, burning, dryness, odour and/or slightly increased discharge caused by an imbalanced normal microbial vaginal flora. 

EcoVag® is based on the following patent protected probiotic strains: 

Lactobacillus rhamnosus PB01™ , Lactobacillus gasseri EB01™


Documented efficacy 

Published placebo controlled clinical trials and pilot trials with more than 1,000 patients have demonstrated the efficacy of EcoVag® OTC Vaginal Capsule to significantly reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis and effectively treat symptoms of vaginal discomfort. 

Patent protected probiotic strains with superior features 

The probiotic strains in EcoVag® have been carefully selected from the vaginal microbiota due to their unique properties in promoting vaginal health and have been extensively researched and documented. 


Superior product quality

Validated stability of finished product for 24 months at max 25° C/ 60%RH and production in a dedicated GMP certified facility.  

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