GI Plus

Gut and intestinal health is the traditional application area for probiotics and by far the largest segment of the market. A significant amount of scientific studies have shown that ingestion of specific probiotic strains supports intestinal wellbeing and alleviates certain symptoms


MAAB GI Plus is designed to help maintain a balanced microbiota when exposed to antibiotics or stomach infections. When used daily, it also provides general intestinal wellbeing.

Clinical studies showing:

  • Reduction of antibiotic-associated discomfort

  • Improvement of bowel movement

  • Pre-clinical studies of superior adherence properties

  • Tasty and fast melting probiotic for direct dosing; no water needed


GI Plus FASTMELT contains 3 probiotic strains:

• Bifidobacterium animalis, ssp lactis BIFOLAC® 12 • Lactobacillus acidophilus BIFOLAC ® 5 • Lactobacillus rhamnosus BIFOLAC ® PB01

Min. 2 billion CFU/stick at the end of shelf life


One stick per day. Pour the powder directly into the mouth. The product dissolves instantly on tongue. There is no need for intake of water with any of MAAB's FastMelt solutions.