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Healthy Teeth and gums

It is still quite new to most people that we have a balanced microbiota in our mouth as well and this balance can also be maintained or restored with probiotics. It is a natural and ecologic way of maintaining good oral health.


Lille Lykke oral tablets are designed to provide natural protection for teeth and gums with probiotic and vitamins. The delicious fast melt tablet with fruity flavor is formulated specifically for children.


Lille Lykke Oral health FASTMELT tablets contain:

• Lactobacillus rhamnosus BIFOLAC ® GG • Bifidobacterium lactis BIFOLAC ® 12 • L. salivarius Oral S1 • Vitamin C for healthy gums • Vitamin D supporting teeth structure

Min. 1 billion CFU/stick at the end of shelf life